Announcing Retired Shapes

[ west end ]

In our efforts to keep a fresh inventory for our customers, [ west end ] has retired and will continue to retire older shapes. Once a shape is retired, it will never be sold again, nor any support given to these shapes. They are all absolutely great shapes and we are sure you should not encounter any problems with them. Here is a listing of retired shapes as of today and more will be added as we retire them. You will find an inworld listing as well on our mainstore.

1. Gwen (Catwa Catya)
2. Kirsten (Catwa Kathy)
3. Isla (Catwa Kimberly)
4. Peony (Catwa Kimberly)
5. India (Catwa Kimberly)
6. Mabel (Lelutka Cate)
7. Kenzie (Lelutka Chloe)
8. Ariel (Lelutka Chloe)
9. Andrea (Catwa Kimberly)
10. Amara (Catwa Kimberly)
11. Ivy (Catwa Lilo)
12. Akari (Catwa Kimberly)
13. Poppy (Catwa Kimberly)
14. Aspen (Catwa Catya)
15. June (Lelutka Simone)
16. Monica (Lelutka Simone)
17. Shana (Lelutka Simone)
18. Taylor (Catwa Lona)

More will be listed soon. Thank you for your attention and continuous support! ♥

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