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I wanted to take a moment to make a post about reviews on marketplace items. I understand that not all shapes or looks are meant for everyone. We all have different tastes, after all, which gives us that perfect balance and variety. We welcome your reviews and comments, particularly those that are meant to be constructive over destructive. The role of the creator is not meant to aimed at your displeasure, quite on the contrary. And to ensure that you will be pleased with your purchase, demos are provided. Granted, our demos do not include a stylecard. That is the privilege of the buyer, who wants to look and wear the style depicted in the photo. Now, there are these small amount of reviewers that simply take me by surprise. I will give you this example. A perfect rated shape until this reviewer came along:

for this shape:

I responded to this review with screenshots but there have been no comments back from the buyer. #1 never got the demo. You try your demo with your own skins and hair and based on how you like that you make a decision to buy.  She just purchased and expected her current skin and hair made her look like the photo: Here is what she posted:

But of course, she will not look like the picture, particularly when using that windlight (O.O).

Here is Babygirl, unedited in a screen movie without audio, and using all catwa animations active.

[ west end ] Youtube Channel:

This shape was damaged by an unfair 1 star review. Talk to me, if you have questions. Send me a notecard. Most of these situations can be resolved before getting to such an undeserved bad review. Even in a court system you cannot pass judgment without all the evidence. This one here did not bother to look at the notecard.

Please, review, tell us, write us a note, how can we make it better, what do you want to see. Our commitment is to you, our customer and we always try to give you not only original shapes, NEVER copied, but also the best quality of products so you can wear a style you will love for a long time to come. And still, you can always tweak the shape any way you see fit, because it is copy/modify. However, once it is modify it stops being what we sell, but your personal styling.

Thank you and I apologize for the soap box. I am honestly upset over this. One thing is to be constructive with real evidence of your statements, and quite another to simply try to ruin our reputation.

To all our current and future customers, thank you for your support.

2 Comments on “About Reviews

  1. As one of your customers, I know from experience that you sell quality shapes, Ruby, but there are always going to be people who don’t read, don’t pay attention and who couldn’t be bothered following instructions, yet they’re the first to whine, belly ache, bitch, moan and complain the longest and loudest when they don’t look ‘as advertised’.

    They’re freaking amazing, aren’t they?

    Never mind. The rest of us know you sell quality and know you provide excellent customer service, so don’t even give pests like that a second thought.


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  2. I agree completely and I appreciate your support AJ. I was totally taken aback by this review without a any kind of solid foundation or even getting a demo first. I understand our shapes may not be for everyone as we all have our tastes, but then again, if someone buys it, you might think they tried the demo and liked what they saw, But nooooooo, not the case. I just feel that they do it with ill intentions. A notecard to me could have saved her a lot of hearache as I would have explained what to do and how to achieve the look. But what can you do. It bothers me because it does hurt our reputation, unless you are a regular customer and have experienced what we offer beforehand. But after this, like you said, not a second thought. ♥ Thank you so much for your support!


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