Our Deepest Apologies

Our Deepest Apologies

Our Vending System is Changing

Dear [ west end ] Lovelies,

As you may or may not be aware, the vendor system E2V, which we use here at [ west end ] is going offline within the next month or so. We will be migrating to a new system over the coming days, which may mean that there may be times when the store is unavailable. We will do our very best to ensure that disruption is minimal and we thank you for your patience during this time.

In terms of redelivery of previously bought items, we are currently experiencing some issues around this. The products are showing on the website, but are not being sent on request. We advise that any products that you buy between now and when our new system is up and running, you keep a record of the transaction in case there is a need for redelivery. Send this information on a notecard to Beloved Ruby, Tawny Dinzeo or myself Chezza Slade, and we will ensure that your item is sent to you.

We are exploring ways to have your previous transactions migrated to the new vendor system and we will keep you updated about this in the future. It may be wise to stop by the store click the redelivery terminal and grab a screen shot of your previously bought items to aid with any support needed in the future.

The marketplace will continue to be accessible but again there are some issues around redelivery.

VIP group members.
We have not forgotten about the monthly group gift, but with all of the changes we are needing to do, there will be a delay for this.

Thank you for your continuing custom here at [ west end ], we love you all.

Chezza Slade ❤

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About Reviews

I wanted to take a moment to make a post about reviews on marketplace items. I understand that not all shapes or looks are meant for everyone. We all have different tastes, after all, which gives us that perfect balance and variety. We welcome your reviews and comments, particularly those that are meant to be constructive over destructive. The role of the creator is not meant to aimed at your displeasure, quite on the contrary. And to ensure that you will be pleased with your purchase, demos are provided. Granted, our demos do not include a stylecard. That is the privilege of the buyer, who wants to look and wear the style depicted in the photo. Now, there are these small amount of reviewers that simply take me by surprise. I will give you this example. A perfect rated shape until this reviewer came along:

for this shape:

I responded to this review with screenshots but there have been no comments back from the buyer. #1 never got the demo. You try your demo with your own skins and hair and based on how you like that you make a decision to buy.  She just purchased and expected her current skin and hair made her look like the photo: Here is what she posted:

But of course, she will not look like the picture, particularly when using that windlight (O.O).

Here is Babygirl, unedited in a screen movie without audio, and using all catwa animations active.

[ west end ] Youtube Channel:

This shape was damaged by an unfair 1 star review. Talk to me, if you have questions. Send me a notecard. Most of these situations can be resolved before getting to such an undeserved bad review. Even in a court system you cannot pass judgment without all the evidence. This one here did not bother to look at the notecard.

Please, review, tell us, write us a note, how can we make it better, what do you want to see. Our commitment is to you, our customer and we always try to give you not only original shapes, NEVER copied, but also the best quality of products so you can wear a style you will love for a long time to come. And still, you can always tweak the shape any way you see fit, because it is copy/modify. However, once it is modify it stops being what we sell, but your personal styling.

Thank you and I apologize for the soap box. I am honestly upset over this. One thing is to be constructive with real evidence of your statements, and quite another to simply try to ruin our reputation.

To all our current and future customers, thank you for your support.

[ west end ] V.I.P. Group Gift March 2018!

[ west end ] V.I.P. Group Gift March 2018!

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